LGBTQ + Inclusive Workplace Award


Feathers Futures has successfully achieved our Inclusive Workplace Award, awarded by Norfolk LGBT+ Project.


To achieve the award, Feathers Futures worked in partnership with the Norfolk LGBT+ Project from August 2021- October 2022. We looked at inclusion from a strategic perspective as well as an operational one; our key aim was to celebrate and increase understanding of differences so we can build stronger communities.


To show Feathers Futures active commitment to inclusion, together we have successfully:


· Reviewed organisational aims and mission statements

· Create an inclusion statement for Feathers Futures

· Reviewed policies to ensure compliance with Diversity & Inclusion legislation and increase inclusion

· Collected data from staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders on organisational inclusivity

· Delivered LGBTQ+ Awareness CPD training for staff

· Delivered LGBTQ+ Awareness CPD training for volunteers

· Consulted throughout the year to improve the outcomes of those accessing services

· Collaborated in partnership on a new service for the community, opening an LGBTQ+ women’s group for Great Yarmouth from November 2022


As a result of this partnership working, we will continue to co-work together providing safe spaces where all members feel valued and included.


“Working with Jo and the team at Feathers Futures has been amazing. You can see the difference the space makes and the importance it holds for everyone who attends. Alongside Jo who has led the strategic changes for Feathers Futures with enthusiasm, the team fully embraced the award and increased their understanding in the process. Continuing to co-work with Feathers Futures means our charities can now offer a new LGBTQ+ women’s support space.


I’ve definitely come away from this workplace award having learnt a lot from Feathers Futures, Jo and the team – which is really what successful partnership working should be!”


– Joe Henson, Trainer & Consultant with Norfolk LGBT+ Project

More information:https://norfolklgbtproject.org.uk/training-awards/inclusivity-workplace-For more information about Great Yarmouth LGBTQ+ BLAH Youth group and Women supporting Women group, please contact:info@norfolklgbtproject.org.uk and for dates of upcoming meetings,please see: https://norfolklgbtproject.org.uk/whats-on/