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Future You

Do you feel that you are stuck in a rut, lacking confidence or just want to improve your well-being?

Future You is a series of short courses that look at what may be holding you back and how to overcome it. You can attend all sessions or the ones that you feel are relevant.

Current sessions available are:

  • Building Self-confidence – Looking at positive and negative belief systems. qualities, assertiveness, looking after yourself, setting goals.
  • Understanding Self-esteem – what is self-esteem? Factors that can affect self esteem, ways to improve self-esteem, setting goals.
  • Recognising Skills, uncovering strengths and assets – what are skills? transferable skills, building on strengths, setting goals.
  • Finding Resilience – coping with life’s hurdles, how to bounce back, effects of stress on the body, recognising when times are hard, support networks, setting goals.
  • Introduction to self-employment – what does it mean to be self-employed? Where to start, what is involved, things to consider, where to get help.
  • Preparing to study – choosing courses right for you, things to consider, why do you want to study, where to look.
  • Interview skills – introduction to body language, presentation, preparation, tips to get through the interview.
  • CV writing
  • Disclosing convictions and writing disclosure letters 
  • Becoming a volunteer – types of volunteering, where to start, things to consider, what would you like to achieve.

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