Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit

The Recovery Toolkit is 12 week course that builds on itself week by week. It aims to help women to recover from the psychological trauma of being in an abusive relationship. In order for it to bring about change it is important that the women are committed to attending each week so they can achieve maximum growth and personal development. Research has shown the programme to be very successful.


The programme uses both Rogerian person centred theory and a cognitive behavioural approach (CBT). Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to change the thinking of how an abused woman perceives herself (self-esteem and self-image), how she interacts with others (both children and adults) and how she copes with emotional pain (depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use). It also looks at how these things impact on her skills as a parent. The programme also includes psycho education and this offers the abused women an opportunity to gain sufficient understanding about the psychological disturbance that they have suffered. By educating the women in this way, it helps them to cope with their psychological distress. The underpinning message throughout the whole process of the course is a valuing of the women’s own strengths and resources and her coping skills which have helped her family to survive. This valuing attitude empowers the women to contribute positively to their own safety and well-being and that of their children, on a long term basis.

If you are interested, please get in touch.

This course is subject to an initial assessment to ensure it is right for you.

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