Time for Tea and Me

 Introducing “Time for Tea and Me” – After listening to valuable feedback from the women coming to Feathers Futures and based on our popular “It’s All About Me” six-week course, this exciting group offers a safe space for self-discovery and looking after yourself, with no obligation to sign up to commit to a course.

Life throws lots of pressures at us, and sometimes we carry extra burdens that we don’t need. Whether it’s being seen as a mum, daughter, carer, or someone who’s faced tough times like domestic abuse or mental health struggles, it’s easy to lose sight of who we really are. “Time for Tea and Me” wants to change that.

Underneath all the roles and challenges, there’s the real ‘you’. What do you enjoy? What don’t you? When was the last time you did something just for yourself? This group is about exploring those questions and learning to put yourself first.

As the name suggests, “Time for Tea and Me” offers a friendly, welcoming space where you can relax, chat, and think about who you are. Through group talks, fun activities, and support from others, you’ll rediscover the importance of looking after yourself.

Come and join us as we rethink self-care and take charge of our stories. It’s time to make ourselves a priority – because when we look after ourselves, we can better support those around us. Welcome to “Time for Tea and Me” – where every woman’s journey to self-discovery starts with a cuppa and a bit of self-celebration.

The group runs every Wednesday 1-2.30pm at Feathers House, no need to book, just drop in!


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