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Feathers Futures offer a range of support to women to enable them to create a brighter future.

Founded in 2018 to bridge the gap in providing an immediate safe space, Feathers Futures is unique in its easy-to-access location, instant, supportive haven and the ongoing help it offers women across Great Yarmouth. We aim to be a friendly place for women to come and make friends, socialise, learn new skills and receive support.

Feathers Futures brings women into a caring and understanding group, in a non-judgmental environment. As a result, women can have a voice and express feelings while being heard and understood.

Supported by a team of volunteers and staff, we offer a range of expertise to help women to create a brighter future. Over the years, we have created enjoyable small groups, including drop-in sessions, counselling, domestic abuse tool kit, Feathers Friends, classes and groups, a book club and art sessions.

Through our unique blend of services, Feathers Futures are proud to have helped create a better future for hundreds of women each year.

“I find that everyone is very inclusive to everyone who comes to Feathers and to who works here. They are extremely good at not judging people who they are or what struggles they may have. For example, I am on the autism spectrum and I don’t get treated differently I’m just given extra support if I need it.”


Message from the team at Feathers Futures

A warm, inclusive welcome awaits everyone at Feathers Futures. There is no other support service like Feathers Futures for women in Great Yarmouth. Together we consider ourselves a family, a team and everyone who walks through our doors plays a massive part in this. Whether you are volunteering, fundraising, working or accessing our services we believe that together we are stronger and provide a safe environment where women can grow and above all be themselves.

We are rightly proud of our charity organisation and the positive impact we make. Our wide range of activities and services ensure those we support enjoy, grow and learn to live a brighter future.

The Feathers Team


For women in our community to feel safe, valued, and free to be themselves. To know that there is an organisation they can turn to when they need help and know they aren’t alone.


To provide a safe space for women to come together and support each other at their own pace. We aim to help women build confidence and resilience and develop friendships in ways that work for them. Our collaborative, co-produced services include social groups, specialist support, peer mentoring, signposting and courses.


At Feathers Futures I… ‘Feel at home’… ‘Found my safe space’… have ‘space to be me’.

To listen and provide trust, dedication, support, and community.

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Feathers Futures offer a range of support to women to enable them to create a brighter future.