Welcome To Feathers Futures

Our mission and commitment.

To provide a safe space for women to come together and support each other at their own pace. 

We aim to help women build confidence, resilience and develop friendships in ways that work for them. 

Our collaborative, co-produced services include social groups, specialistsupport, peer mentoring, signposting and courses.

what we do and how we do it

Our approach to helping you

We welcome all women at Feathers Futures. 

We are women supporting women in a trauma informed, person-centred way, we come together as a group whilst recognising that we are individual and so is our journey.  We want you to feel safe, respected and that you can be yourself when you are here. 

We ask that anyone coming to Feathers Futures works with us to keep this commitment. 



  • What we do is guided by those who use our services.
  • We are open and non-judgemental: We work around your needs, timeframes and priorities.


  • Accountable: We take responsibility.
  • Confidential.
  • Authentic: We communicate openly and honestly.


  • Passionate: We care about what we do and who we support.
  • Friendly: We are a team and community space that will welcome you.


  • Women supporting women in a caring, genuine environment.
  • Safe spaces: Somewhere you are safe to be yourself and feel at home.


  • Community focused: We believe collaboration and community are key to support.
  • Local knowledge: Part of your local community and this informs our approach.